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Big Theology Words

I mentioned in my last blog post “Why do you believe what you believe?” a big list of different studies towards the end. That might have thrown a lot of you off if you’re just now starting off on your theological journey (woah). I wanted to take a break from the typical blog post and just give you a list of different theological studies and a few terms.

Prolegomena (in reference to theology): initial vocabulary of theology

Theology: In general, the science of religion

Capaphatic Theology: positive theology, what God is

Apophatic Theology: negative theology, what God’s not

Religion: from Latin word “religaire” which means to yoke together, sum total of man’s attempt to know God and have a relationship with Him (not God’s attempt)

Apologetics: rational defense of Christianity

Exegetical Theology: critical study of the languages of Scripture. Explanation, meaning, and intent

Systematic Theology: Formed by taking the whole of Christian teaching and organizing it

Practical Theology: principles and laws in the Bible for Christian living

Historical Theology: study of history or development of theology within and outside the historical church

Natural Theology: theology revealed in nature

Biblical Theology: study of theology in the Bible

Bibliology: study of the Bible

Theology Proper: study of God

Hamartiology: study of sin

Christology: study of Christ (not just Jesus)

Pneumatology: study of the Holy Spirit

Angelology: study of angels

Satanology: study of satan

Demonology: study of demons

Anthropology: study of humanity

Soteriology: study of salvation

Israelology: study of Israel

Ecclesiology: study of the church

Eschatology: study of end times

Hermeneutics: science and art of interpretation

Inerrancy: Without error

I’ve found that the blog “Rebecca Writes” has a really good glossary of theological terms if you want more of an exhaustive list.

Here is the link

Hope this helps you guys!

Ding on!


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