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The Descendants of Noah

Since we had somewhat of a difficult time getting through this information on Episode #4 – Genesis without laughing, we wanted to get you guys this information in an easy to understand chart. Here’s a graphic that lists the sons and grandsons of Noah, and the people group that descended from them.

In order to see exactly where the people groups ended up, and how they ended up settling the ancient world, let me open up my favorite teaching tool for you - Google Earth.

Check out how Noah’s descendants migrated to different areas and eventually settled.

One minor change.

I'm no graphic designer. The Estruscans actually settled in ancient Italy. I don't know how they ended up in the middle of the Mediterranean...How do you work these technologies!?

This isn’t an exhaustive study on the history of mankind, but at least it gets your Phut in the door. (how u doin)

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